Additional Information


 are approximately 35cm high and are filled with a non allergenic filling. Width will vary depending on each letter. 

Door Hangers

 are approximately 14cm high and can be made using the fabric of your choice. 

Photo Albums

are 23cm x 33cm in size and contain approximately 30 pages of black card and 30 pages of acid free tracing paper in between. The Albums can fit up to 120 photos. Additional pages can be added. 

Swinging Dolls

Each doll is individually handmade using high quality fabrics, 100% wool felt for the hair and hand painted eyelashes. Sitting perched on a handmade timber swing, these dolls look amazing mounted on a wall and make gorgeous gifts for any special occasion. Height of doll sitting on the swing is approximately 50cm and width of timber swing is 45cm. 

Cloud Mobiles

Timber cloud has been laser cut using a CNC router machine, out of 24mm Birch Plywood, sanded and painted with a clear vanish. Eyes and mouth are made out of laser cut vinyl stickers. Cloud mobiles can be either wall mounted or hung from the ceiling. Size from top of timber to bottom of raindrops is 40cm and width is 32cm. 

Heart Garlands

are 2 metres in length and include 10 doublesided hearts which are hand stuffed with polyfil. Hearts are 9 x 12cm and joined together using white crochet cotton lace ribbon. 

Flag Buntings

are 3.5 metres in length and include 18 doublesided flags. Flags are 11 x 11cm and joined together using white satin


Hot Air Balloon Mobiles

come in two sizes. Small balloons are 27cm in height, from top of balloon to bottom of basket and 20cm wide. Large balloons are 35cm in height and 28cm wide.